How to become happy

What is happiness?

What makes you happy? When are you really happy? So many questions, and so few answers… or not?

Maybe it’s not so hard after all. I mean, happiness can be dinner with your family or friends, a nice word or when you are on top of that mountain you’ve dreamed about to climb or a trip you wanted to do. A cup of coffee in the morning, when sun is shining or when it rains. The answer is you.

You are the only one who can descide weather you are happy or not!

The science of happiness tells us it is the difference between expectations and reality, between those two is happiness. So what is your expectations for life and are they too high to reach? I think and truly believe that you can do anything you want or become what you want as long as you believe in them! Set goals for yourself that you manage to reach, without a goal you have nothing.

Happiness is a feeling of content.

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