Can you really do exercises to be happy?

– of course you can!

I´m going to give you some exercises you can work with.

First of all you need to know that it is only YOU who can make your self feeling happy. No one else can do it for you! It´s only you who can change the way you think and descide how to live your life and it is really important that you know and practice that!

Be grateful

This is the most important exercise! You need to be grateful for what you have, not focus on what you could have had. Think about it; you got a home with a roof over it, don´t you? You maybe have a job, an economic income so you can pay your bills? You have clothes, both warm and lighter clothes for warmer days? You can go up in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee? You have a family or a friend you are fond of? These might be obvious and small things for you, but are you really GRATEFUL for them?

Everyday you should write down at least 3 things that made you grateful today. Write them on Post-it notes and hang them up on the door so you can read them before you go out, or you can write them down in a book before you go to bed. An enchanted book!

Healthy food; you are what you eat

It´s important to know that you are what you eat. Back in school we learned what to eat and that minerals, carbs, fat, proteins and vitamins are essentials for you and your body to work. You need them all! If you only eat carbs or too much fat it will make you drop all your energy during the day and that energy is your best buddy! Try to focus on a healthy diet that includes all the essentials vitamins, minerals and energy. We get more easier sick and faster affected by diseases if we don´t feed our body and brain with them. The worst starting point is to be tired and lack of energy.

Notice; I´m not a dietician, if you want to loose or gain weight I recommend you to see a professional one that can help you! I´m actually a vegetarian and been that for over 20 years now. I have alot of energy, barely gets sick or having diseases and I do it for a good cause; I spare both animals and peoples life! It´s a win-win.

Good vibes, positive behaviour

Focus on something good that happend to you today! Was it something someone said to you? Maybe someone made you a cup of coffee or hold up the door for you. Maybe the breakfast tasted really good or you finished that text you´ve been writing for a long time and should have sendt to you manager? Even a small thing is a good thing, and it´s the small things in life you need to start focus on! If a disaster strikes and life feels like a black hole, try to focus on something good. Perhaps you have a family, a good friend or a pet you are grateful for? Find the things you are grateful for when disaster strikes! Look at the notes you made with all the grateful things and focus on them.

There is no perfect

There is no perfect human. No perfect home. No perfect family. No perfect job. No perfect meal. No perfect husband/wife. No perfect life. Just drop it.

Perfection is something you create in your mind. What´s perfect for you might not be perfect to another. We are all different with various views in life. We all have different tastes in how to be and how to look. To be perfect is not a way to happiness, it is so much better to be grateful for the things that you have, how you look, how you are, how you feel. Not what you can become.

Money dosen´t bring happiness

Have you heard that before? It is actually pure science money doesn´t make you happy. Of course it makes life easier if you can pay your rent and buy food for you and your family. As long as you have those important things I just mentioned you can go far. Material things is a short happiness. The “thing” you buy gets old and not so interesting any more and you might to replace it, – and that leads to another material thing. And so on goes the circle…. You can buy yourself new things how much you want, but that particularly thing will not bring you happiness for a long time.

Give a shit

Yeah, you read right! Try to let go of things. Don´t hang up on things that are not important. I know this can be really hard. I was myself an perfectionist but had to let go to be happy. I don´t care if it is a mess at home, it can actually be really relaxing not cleaning up all the time! It´s better to plan when to clean instead. Set a day or a couple of hour/minutes every day to clean up after the kids (they should also be involved in the cleaning-process), the dinner table and kitchen, the toilettes and so on… Who care if the dinner was too salty or a bit burned? It will be forgotten after dinner anyway.

To not get a hang-up on things is to let it go.

Make someone else happy

This part is so effective on your own feelings! To make someone happy gives you real good and joyful feelings and vibes! It can be a small thing like bringing coffee to your colleague from the cafeteria at work. Bring homemade bakery to work. Give a smile and say hello to someone you don´t know in the store.

The placebo-effect

If you can manage to believe that you are happy, you will be. Turning your brain to believe that you are happy is the same as to fool it to think you are happy. This is a prictise you can do everyday! Saying to yourself: “Today I feel happy”, might not be an easy task, but if you do it everyday the brain will start to beleive it!


To reach the goals

You need to have goals in your life or you have nothing.

Inspiration and motivations: Key-words.