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On my Instagram story

– I posted som pictures; before and after -pictures. Oh my, this is so funny!

Can you see any difference? Because there are none!

The thing is, I’m not a person who care so much about how tidy it is at home. Of course I clean sometimes! But today it was just so darned nice to put a before and after -picture that shows I didn’t do a damn thing about it. As I would say: “It is god for you to give a shit sometimes!”

I guess I´m a bit bored from the pictures on Instagram that looks like they are straight from a magazine. I mean, who lives like that anyway? The interiors and the decorations, all looks the same, and I feel it can sometimes be impersonal. It might also be this; I need to change who I am following on Instagram!

Don’t you just feel it can be so stressful to have a tidy and clean home all the time? Well, I am actually pretty pedant and love when my house is clean and smells like a garden! It’s just that nobody can live like that all the time, especially when you got kids! I would by a wreck if I should go and clean up all time, and they would be so stressed if I was going to shout at them to do that as well. Of course they do tidy up after themselves when they have been getting all the pencils out on the floor and there are paper everywhere, but Hey! -they are kids! They leave everything everywhere… (Especially where they stand right now!)

So; to have a peaceful house I recommend you to allow it to be a little messy and untidy from time to time. Actually it can be quite good for you; if we believe in science, and I am! So what is your choice?

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