Make your day with a SMILE!

The impact of a smile

Can’t say enough how important this is! When you are smiling you kind of fool your brain to think you are happy. It´s an excellent way to manage through a hard day!

You know the feeling when someone unknown smiles at you in the street? It´s quite a nice feeling, isn´t it? Why don´t you do the same? It might feel corny just go around and smile to random people. So I recommend you to start at doors. It can be any door; at your home, at the mall or grocery-store or why not at work! When you meet someone in the door, give them a smile! Or when someone is holding the door and making you a favour, you say “thank you” AND give the person a smile! Easypeasy! You might have done that persons day from being tiresome, unhappy, dull, dark and grey to a much more brighter day! You know the feeling right?

A simple, easy smile have big impact, so go ahead and smile to 3 persons today and you will probably transfer that smile to them so they can pass it forward as well!

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