Healthy food

Healthy food

How to choose healthy food

It is very important to know that you are what you eat! To collect all that vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and so on during the day can sometimes be like a impossible mission. Or it’s hard to know what to eat or how much food you need. When I went to school as a child we got this “model of a plate” as a picture of what to eat and how much from every part.

This model (pic nr 1) is for people who excercise or are moving their body alot during the day.

This model (pic nr 2) is for those who doesn’t do any excercise or are not moving their body, or very little during the day..

As you can see there are differences between vegetable and carbohydrates.

This model can be a reminder and help you sorting out what to put on your plate. It can also help you while planning dinner, lunch or breakfast!

Now when you know how to eat you can start focus on healthier choices. Processed food is always worse then fresh, so I really recommend you to choose fresh vegetables and fruits (ecological if you can choose that), fresh meat (how would I know, I´m a vegetarian!) just so you know it has all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids as your body needs!

It has never been so easy to know what to have for dinner when you have this model to follow!

Enjoy your meal and live happy after!

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