Home alone

Home alone

A cosy night or full with anxiety?

WOW! I got the priviliged to be home alone for the whole weekend.

Mr T took the kids with him to go visiting the kids grandparents. I was so happy! Now I could do anything just for me!

Well… when I got home it was so quiet. No one was arguing about what to see on tv or complaining they were hungry. I didn’t know what to do. I was paralysed!

Anxiety stroked me. I just sat there wondering what to do next. Whats so good in being home alone if you don’t use the hours effectively. I didn’t want to do laundry, washing the kitchen (nor the toilettes….)

At the end I was in the couch, eating sushi-takeaway, painting my nails and drinking loads of Cocacola. I also had a bag of my favorite snacks -Smach, just by my own!

That made me HAPPY that night!

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