A bag full of HAPPINESS

That is the same to me as a bag with flowers!20180929_1739172827564495228999755.jpg

A bag of flowers can make my whole day!

I have the honor to call my self a “fleurist”. Look at that word! It looks awesome. And I feel awesome to say it. In french, english, norwegian or what ever language. It stands for the same!

I’m a student 3 days a week, 2 days I am at work and 7 days of that week I am a MUM.

I don’t know what makes me more happy being a mum or having the privileged to go to school as an adult, but I do know that a bag of FLOWERS fill my day with happiness!


Flowers changes the whole atmosfere in a room. It smells good, its more delightful and it looks so nice. It is a little bit of magic. A bag with magic and happiness.

What would be in your bag?

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