Before and after

Instagram story

On my Instagram story

– I posted som pictures; before and after -pictures. Oh my, this is so funny!

Can you see any difference? Because there are none!

The thing is, I’m not a person who care so much about how tidy it is at home. Of course I clean sometimes! But today it was just so darned nice to put a before and after -picture that shows I didn’t do a damn thing about it. As I would say: “It is god for you to give a shit sometimes!”

I guess I´m a bit bored from the pictures on Instagram that looks like they are straight from a magazine. I mean, who lives like that anyway? The interiors and the decorations, all looks the same, and I feel it can sometimes be impersonal. It might also be this; I need to change who I am following on Instagram!

Don’t you just feel it can be so stressful to have a tidy and clean home all the time? Well, I am actually pretty pedant and love when my house is clean and smells like a garden! It’s just that nobody can live like that all the time, especially when you got kids! I would by a wreck if I should go and clean up all time, and they would be so stressed if I was going to shout at them to do that as well. Of course they do tidy up after themselves when they have been getting all the pencils out on the floor and there are paper everywhere, but Hey! -they are kids! They leave everything everywhere… (Especially where they stand right now!)

So; to have a peaceful house I recommend you to allow it to be a little messy and untidy from time to time. Actually it can be quite good for you; if we believe in science, and I am! So what is your choice?

Make your day with a SMILE!

The impact of a smile

Can’t say enough how important this is! When you are smiling you kind of fool your brain to think you are happy. It´s an excellent way to manage through a hard day!

You know the feeling when someone unknown smiles at you in the street? It´s quite a nice feeling, isn´t it? Why don´t you do the same? It might feel corny just go around and smile to random people. So I recommend you to start at doors. It can be any door; at your home, at the mall or grocery-store or why not at work! When you meet someone in the door, give them a smile! Or when someone is holding the door and making you a favour, you say “thank you” AND give the person a smile! Easypeasy! You might have done that persons day from being tiresome, unhappy, dull, dark and grey to a much more brighter day! You know the feeling right?

A simple, easy smile have big impact, so go ahead and smile to 3 persons today and you will probably transfer that smile to them so they can pass it forward as well!

See my last blog ⬇️ about to smile!

Healthy food

Healthy food

How to choose healthy food

It is very important to know that you are what you eat! To collect all that vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and so on during the day can sometimes be like a impossible mission. Or it’s hard to know what to eat or how much food you need. When I went to school as a child we got this “model of a plate” as a picture of what to eat and how much from every part.

This model (pic nr 1) is for people who excercise or are moving their body alot during the day.

This model (pic nr 2) is for those who doesn’t do any excercise or are not moving their body, or very little during the day..

As you can see there are differences between vegetable and carbohydrates.

This model can be a reminder and help you sorting out what to put on your plate. It can also help you while planning dinner, lunch or breakfast!

Now when you know how to eat you can start focus on healthier choices. Processed food is always worse then fresh, so I really recommend you to choose fresh vegetables and fruits (ecological if you can choose that), fresh meat (how would I know, I´m a vegetarian!) just so you know it has all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids as your body needs!

It has never been so easy to know what to have for dinner when you have this model to follow!

Enjoy your meal and live happy after!



It is hard to beat the smile of Julia Roberts!

This is actually pure science. I know that it is really hard to smile when you feel down; been there, done that and are there…..

To manage to do it I will give you a tip; just freaking do it! Get those lips wider and show you teeth! I know it might sound a bit corny, but it´s fantastic how powerful it really are!

Now you can practice; The first thing you need to do when you get out of your bed in the morning is to smile and then after you done that; hit for the bathroom or coffeemaker. You need to smile before you leave the bedroom and preferably before you get out of your bed. When you finished brushing your teeth take a look at your self in the mirror and smile. When you are fully dressed and ready to leave your home for work or school; smile to the mirror!

Look at that pretty face smiling back at you! This is when you look the best! Try to keep that smile on your face the whole day. ♥ It is  amazing how effective this is!


Autumn is here to stay

Can I say; Wow or what!?

I just love autumn!

All the colours, the clean air and to wear thicker clothes. I even wore gloves today! My kids wore thick caps and jackets made from puffy, fluffy materials.


These are some greit things that makes me happy today!


Sniff the air. Breath the air. Look around you; on the ground and up in the air. Is’nt it beautiful?



What is that? What does that word mean?

Is it a feeling, a statement or something you are or something you can become?

How do you know if you are happy?

Well, I believe it is you. You are the key. If you think you are happy, you are!

It can be a box of chocolate, a word rhat makes you feel good or maybe YOU standing on that mountain you always wanted to climb!


This blogg is my happiness. I do crazy, lazy things. I show pictures that are not at all pretty, but they are real.

This is my story and I hope I can inspire you to live your life as a happy person too.

Home alone

Home alone

A cosy night or full with anxiety?

WOW! I got the priviliged to be home alone for the whole weekend.

Mr T took the kids with him to go visiting the kids grandparents. I was so happy! Now I could do anything just for me!

Well… when I got home it was so quiet. No one was arguing about what to see on tv or complaining they were hungry. I didn’t know what to do. I was paralysed!

Anxiety stroked me. I just sat there wondering what to do next. Whats so good in being home alone if you don’t use the hours effectively. I didn’t want to do laundry, washing the kitchen (nor the toilettes….)

At the end I was in the couch, eating sushi-takeaway, painting my nails and drinking loads of Cocacola. I also had a bag of my favorite snacks -Smach, just by my own!

That made me HAPPY that night!

A bag full of HAPPINESS

That is the same to me as a bag with flowers!20180929_1739172827564495228999755.jpg

A bag of flowers can make my whole day!

I have the honor to call my self a “fleurist”. Look at that word! It looks awesome. And I feel awesome to say it. In french, english, norwegian or what ever language. It stands for the same!

I’m a student 3 days a week, 2 days I am at work and 7 days of that week I am a MUM.

I don’t know what makes me more happy being a mum or having the privileged to go to school as an adult, but I do know that a bag of FLOWERS fill my day with happiness!


Flowers changes the whole atmosfere in a room. It smells good, its more delightful and it looks so nice. It is a little bit of magic. A bag with magic and happiness.

What would be in your bag?